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The 360º Challenge opens the registration period this Thursday with an unrevealed venue

The organization will announce in the following weeks the location of the event, which may be in any of the Canary Islands

200 bibs will be available through the new website

The WAA 360º does not give up in its effort to offer brand new challenges for those who love wild events. After announcing its separation from Transgrancanaria after five years, the race will have its own idiosyncrasy, date and, soon, a new venue for the 2021 edition that will take place between November 24 and 28th. The Canary Islands will still host the 360º Challenge, but the organization will keep in secret the location for a few weeks.

Thus, the 360º Challenge sets out to discover a new adventure. The organization recommends to the interested runners not to book their flight tickets or accommodation until the next few weeks, when the island that welcomes this striking challenge can be revealed. Arista Eventos, organizer of this race, wants to position the Canary Islands as a world destination for mountaineering at all levels, and the purpose is that the international reach of the 360º – considered as one of the toughest challenges in the world – will expand to all the islands.

There will be 200 bibs available for this 360º, where the French brand WAA remains as the main sponsor and Fred. Olsen Express as the official conveyance. The race will hold the bib collection on November 23rd, the start of the challenge on the 24th and the finish line open until November 28th. The route, which will remain confidential as usual until a few days before the start, will have a brutal course and elevation and will only be suitable for the most experienced long-distance trail runners.

Race entries will open this Thursday, June 10th, at 12:00 (local Canary hour), and will be limited to guarantee a personalized security deployment and the following of every participant. The registered runners will have to answer a form where they will be asked about their experience and the mastery of orientation and navigation techniques, since the course won’t be marked at any of the points. Their GPS devices, maps and the basecamps distributed throughout the route where they can stock and rest will be the only help the participants have along the way.

This new adventure is just the beginning of the new era of this WAA 360º, which promises strong emotions for the upcoming years. The Canary Islands are a special terrain and the organization wants to boost its potential by seeking new challenges to export the nature of the islands. The venue will be soon announced and it will surely generate great excitement.


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